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“Bro!” Lindsay went to move but Mi stopped her.
“We have to use our heads.” Mi said, she looked around briefly. She focused and the giant’s eyes saw the girl, seemingly sensing something.
“It’s sensing the genetics!”
“What?” Lindsay asked, Angelo spoke up again.
“He’s blind, only able to sense the genetic signatures that give people powers. Even recessive genes, one of their mothers or fathers had to be a carrier for the gene.” He explained. Lindsay sped forward and crashed into the giant’s leg, sending him crashing to the ground and releasing the boys who tumbled into a wall. Derek moaned and looked over to Thomas who looked somewhat dazed.
“Bro!” Lindsay ran over and hugged her brother, he smiled and hugged her back briefly. Mi looked Thomas over.
“How do you know if there’s a broken rib?” She asked, she touched the area as gently as possible and he winced visibly in pain. “OK, that answers that.” Angelo watched, seeing how they acted, Thomas wincing horribly and crying out in pain when he was hugged too. The giant wasn’t moving at all, Angelo moved closer to check the giant and its eyes opened.
“Uh, I think we need to-” His upper body was grasped tightly and he was lifted off the ground. The sound of his bones cracking sickened them as they four teens all looked at each other. Derek and Thomas both leapt up and kicked, a distraction for Mi’s water ability, Lindsay made the water spin faster by spinning in the center and they directed it to shoot it at his face. Angelo dropped and crumpled to the ground. The giant was pushed all the way into the next sector in the base. He breath was heavy and he was in a lot of pain.
“He’s broken a good number of bones in his upper body. From the fact he’s got wings I’d theorize his bones are hollow, lightweight, easy to snap.” Thomas said studying Angelo carefully. He was being very delicate with the boy but he was barely even conscious from the pain of so many broken bones. “We need to get him medical attention fast.” He was helped up carefully and they continued on, something clicked.
“That doesn’t sound good.”
“No, no it doesn’t.” Derek agreed, he was carrying the semi-conscious Angelo on his back and trying to look over their shoulders. He turned around and stared, the hall was collapsing. He shifted position and something caught his eye. He had stepped on a switch. “Run!” He yelled, they all tore off, Lindsay at the rear to give anyone a push if needed. They could see the door the trio had used to enter, they all sped up as much as possible, barely making it out before the building collapsed.
“Wow,” Mi said staring at it; “that was the most dramatic exit I ever had.” She looked to her friends. “What? You have to admit it was pretty dramatic.” The teens all laughed, then a few groans of pain from all of them as they got to the jet.
“There’s only three seats.” Lindsay noted, they stood puzzling this fact.
“Two trips?” Mi suggested, they shook their heads.
“I guess we’ll just have to sit on each other’s laps.” Derek said blushing, Mi raised a hand.
“I call Linds!” Mi said, Derek sighed, he had hoped to finally tell Mi what he had felt those years ago. But that could wait.
“OK, then I’ll keep a hold of bird-boy here.” Derek said indicating the now unconscious boy on his back.
“His name’s Angelo.” Mi informed him curtly, somewhat annoyed. “You stole my nickname for the guy.” She said as if he had asked, she climbed in after Lindsay and sat contentedly on her friend’s lap. Thomas helped Derek and Angelo get situated, then got into his seat.
“Everyone strapped in?”
“Check!” They all said, except Angelo who wasn’t even aware of what was happening anyway so his answer didn’t matter (lolz). The Jet took off into the sky.

“Are we there yet?”
“Lindsay!” Cried out Derek and Thomas. “Shut up!”
Damn, I really half-assed this chapter. But we're almost done!

Some thing I looked up and thought about. Birds have lightweight skeletons, I read somewhere they were hollow or something, I dunno about that. (Angelo does have bone marrow in some bones though, his larger bones have an abnormally large amount of bone marrow to make up for lack of it elsewhere.) I was thinking "They'd be pretty damn easy to snap" and so I decided to break several of one of my fave character's bones.

I'm being heartless I know, it's fun though.

There's going to be an epilogue set a few months later and then other stories (my next story chronologically will have my brother's character coming in, then the League discussing the rise in metahuman children/teens (not so much discussing as a plan being put into effetc). And I'm tired anyway. Good night everyone.
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